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Since Kobe  retired , the era of digitally named kobe signature shoes series has been also come to an end, but Nike brought the kobe a.d series to us ,which  has been updated at some new types shoes since from 2016.

The Kobe ad nxt 360 bring a new flyknit weaving technology and new concept this time.What does the newly released kobe ad exodus carry? What is performance of this shoes?

Nike Kobe A D 2018 1


The overall shape of the shoe is followed the last Kobe signature shoes, but it does not use the Flyknit woven material this time. Instead, it uses a conventional neoprene material which through the tongue and the shoes together. This can provide better stability and wrapping while demonstrating the elasticity and flexibility of the upper. The Kobe series has always pursued stability and lightweight .

Nike Kobe A D 2018 2

It looks like this latest Kobe AD shares a similar material build to the Nike PG series; it uses mesh in the toe with synthetic suede or nubuck in the rear.However  the upper material does not use a more stretchy flyknit, but it used the suede covers most of the sneakers. If that ends up being the case then these would end up being one of the nicer builds of the Kobe modern lineup of performance basketball sneakers.

The forefoot part uses a breathable mesh structure with a heat welded fuse, but the area of reinforcement on the outside of the toe is too small.So we can not felt more space for the toe part.

Nike Kobe A D 2018 3


In order to enhance the protection of the tibial part of the foot, the kobe ad exodus uses a TPU heat welded form which like the Irving 3.

The shoes divide the upper into 3 parts and each part. Also separated by large area heat welded


Nike Kobe A D 2018 4

Nike Kobe A D 2018 5


The thin upper and the midsole only use the air cushion on the back of the sole, which makes the weight of the kobe ad exodus flexibility . The size of us 8 sneaker is about 365g.Maybe the material also the lightweight.

Nike Kobe A D 2018 6


The sneakers used the traction pattern  like the NEXT 360 , but is not a full-area grain pattern. The outer side of the forefoot is almost free of rubbing, which makes it at some angles during the emergency stop test. so it will be more slide . Especially for the outside court, it is will be slide .

Nike Kobe A D 2018 7


We can see the details :

Nike Kobe A D 2018 8

Nike Kobe A D 2018 9

The overall grip  is nice .On dirty courts, the shoe tends to be the kick it spot for dust; a legit dust party was happening underneath my Kobe AD, which caused some ice skating here and there. Dust will still stick, and some wiping will need to occur, but it will be very minimal. Don’t expect this traction to be Kobe 9 good because you will be disappointed.


Nike Kobe A D 2018 10


For the Cushioning , Because of the huge cage zoom of the KOBE AD , the cushion of the pair of sneakers is good. You get a drop-in midsole that features Lunarlon foam along outer edge for structure and support. Plush React foam is used at the center of the midsole for that feel-good softness.Because the cage zooms, so we will felt more great cushioning part .The impact protection is there, the court feel is there — the stuff is just amazing.

Nike Kobe A D 2018 11


For the grip, the forefoot of cushion does not provide good protection, and the stretch of the tongue is also worse than most of knitted fabric sneakers of other brand. But the heel part is nice for the supporting . In the change of direction, the heel part has been protecting the ankle. Although there is no guarantee that the shoes have built-in anti-rotation piece.But the torsion affection is nice .


Nike Kobe A D 2018 12

Here is the pic true as below  that tested .

Nike Kobe A D 2018 13

The cushion stiffens up a bit, so I don’t sink into to the midsole, and becomes a bit more bouncy. This thin material is so durable and supportive it’s mind boggling because it’s like nothing is there.


Nike Kobe A D 2018 15

Traction looks very similar to the Nike Kobe AD NXT 360 so let’s hope it’s more durable.

Nike Kobe A D 2018 14

Overall, Kobe AD  Exodus is a nice configuration with a unique look .Especial for the colorway , it is look cool. The cushioning also great with a huge cage zoom cushion , we can felt more feedback and responsive . and the material is lightweight  ,also most of fans  will be focus on the Mamba spirit.

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