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As the current king of the NBA, LeBron James always has to be ready for a war in the NBA Playoffs.LeBron James and Nike are ready to add another iteration to their less expensive “Soldier” series by way of the Nike LeBron Soldier 12.  So the newest pair of his Solider 12s are up to the arduous task of defending his championship.For me , I  am so luck got one .

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Nike LeBron Soldier 12 1

Looking at Nike’s combat shoes collection, PG2 is a feeling of  “not as stunning as a generation,” and the Kyrie series has also been complain for the cushioning . Even the  Hyperdunk  2015 also has been cold-shoulder, The  KD9’s “broken tube”  has  been  dislike … However the Nike LeBron Soldier  has been popular .

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 2

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 3


Nike LeBron Soldier 12 design is simply but nice.Since the Soldier 10, the Swoosh has stripped this subsidiary of the King’s signature line of its laces, and that is no different for its 12th installment.For the Nike LeBron Soldier 12 , the material is comfortable , it is used the Battleknit upper which will be better the last version . The Soldier 11 replaces the ballistic nylon with a more luxurious nubuck mudguard. This gives a similar feel but adds a little more weight to the equation.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 “Hazel Rush” colorway  , it utilizes two overlapping straps for lockdown as well as a velcro strip on its heel for the ultimate fit. Black mesh makes up for the majority of its upper while woodland camouflage overlays can be found on the toe and the heel.Compare with the LeBron 15, the Lebron 12  was update for the material, it will be wider and the strap also update too. The new strap design is also a bit of a classic shoe Nike zoom Raid’s shadow.


Nike LeBron Soldier 12 4

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 5

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 6

At the same time, the midsole design followed previous shoes . The midsole design of the sneakers is somewhat like a warrior 9, while the outsole looks a bit like a warrior 11. In terms of configuration, Warrior 12 uses a consistent front and back palm partition type air cushion.


Nike LeBron Soldier 12 7

We can still see the air cushion, and the big background is a more , which is also a lot deeper than the 10 and 11 version. Although there is still to be confirmed for the grip, but the depth of the lines, hardness and XDR logo on the shoes.It was only bad in one single spot under the ball of the foot.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 8

For the traction , the grip is well , but it is different compare with  the  last 15.  It work well,  when I’d plant in that section while changing direction or curling , I can do whatever in the court ,but a little slip ,causing a delay in my movement, which in turn caused me to second guess even making the same move again.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 9

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 10

The comfort of the sneakers’ comfort is mainly due to the Battleknit upper, which is almost indistinguishable from LeBron 15. Note that what we are saying here is “almost nothing.”


Nike LeBron Soldier 12 12

A gum outsole and large “Zoom” midsole branding finish off the shoe’s combat-ready look.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 13

For the material , it is used Battleknit, but  compared to LeBron 15, you can squeeze out a thin layer of large mesh filler between the woven upper and the inner lining. Although the stretchability of the knitted uppers of the fighters 12 is good enough to control , the uppers of the sneakers are also “converging” while being weight-light and thin due to the limitations of the inner lining cloth and the filler.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 15


As we have mentioned before, good enough cushioning performance results in the loss of durability on the midsole. At the same time, the anti-twist of the shoes is also due to  thickness of the built-in TPU, the density of the midsole of the shoes is reduced, and the structure of the front and back soles independently allows the resistance of the shoes to be reversed. This kind of heavy stability gives rise to a bit of suspicion: Although the cushioning has been strengthened, is the lack of stability really a “worthy loss”?

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 16

For the supporting ,it is has been slightly modified and improved upon since the Soldier 11  is the support. we have to speak the strap  design that it easy to lockdown feet , it will be more  stability of the pair of shoes when you playing .However, the straps of the shoes need to be adjusted several times if you quick move. It is easy to tighten the straps and it is easy to loosen the straps in actual combat. Please pay more attention to this.


Nike LeBron Soldier 12 19

Overall, Pairs are expected to hit shelves for the first time on April 19th with a reasonable $130 price tag,but it  worth it  with black mesh makes up for the majority of its upper while woodland camouflage overlays . the cushioning is nice and the supporting is great .


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