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The 2016 season is Kobe’s farewell tour. It’s been sad seeing Kobe only be a shell of his former self but as they say on Inside The NBA , Father Time is undefeated.As the last shoe Kobe will ever lace up in his professional career, we truly hope he exits the shoe game with the same amount of praise he’s been receiving from NBA fans everywhere throughout his farewell tour.

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“The extreme flexibility of the shoe itself compliments the quality outsole in allowing for a complete range of extreme and rapid motions”that is right.

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For the traction : The traction pattern is great ,it is used the great rubber that super tight so any dust clogs up the grooves so essentially the whole outsole turns into a dusty hover board.  I like it very much .The flex groove in the middle stays relatively clean so it grabs on slightly but I try to stop with the outermost portion on lateral side so that flex groove doesn’t help a whole lot. And the grip is nice.

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We can see the Nike ZOOM unit  in the traction , for this part , I  have to say it is amazing .Nike moved away from the fixed insole of the X and went back to the drop in. This year, the insoles features full length Lunarlon with Zoom in the heel. Thankfully they lined the insole this time. This exact setup of a Lunar forefoot and Zoom heel was last seen in the Kobe IV, which up until now has been my favorite Kobe sneaker of all time.  A full-length Zoom rather than only in the heel, you’re in luck. NIKEiD not only allows you to customize colors and materials, it also gives you the option to choose between a soft cushioned Lunarlon, a precision heel Zoom, and a responsive full-length Zoom. That is great.

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For the material : With the addition of pearlescent Thermoplastic Polyurethane Yarn (TPU) intertwined within the Flyknit thread, Nike once again pushes the boundaries of innovation even further in creating a stronger and more supportive material for high performance activity, all the while retaining its lightweight and responsive shox gravity resell

The story of the upper is the Flyknit infused with what looks like fishing line (TPU). The purpose of interweaving TPU is to give the upper strength without making it stiffer with glue backing like the previous Elite models. we can see more details as below nike air athletic green and white dress shoes size

For supporting  : There is no midfoot shank and pretty much no midfoot support since the show itself is a flexible shell and the insole is just foam. The raised medial side provides a little support if you overpronate but not much. so if you need more supporting ,this is not the best one .


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For the cushioning : Eric Avar and the team at Nike has successfully created a high performance sneaker that on one hand is extremely innovative and highly technical, but yet still manages to fit the minimal build with its aesthetics and design. so for the cushioning , it is the best part that I loved I felt Nike pretty much mailed this one in from a design standpoint which is disappointing since this is the last shoe we will see him in. I personally like the X more than the 8/9 but If you loved the Kobe 8 and 9, you’ll love the XI as long as you’re on a clean floor. It plays like a lower to the ground, foot hugging 9 more than anything else.

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Overall, Kobe XI Elite Low is perfect…the best part is  cushioning , and great  traction and upper . that is enough for me just the saying “After performing a series of drills and tests including defensive slides, jab steps, layups, and missed dunks, I can confirm the XIs feel very secure all the way around.” it is nice .

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