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In 2013, Adidas released a running shoe equipped with new booster cushioning technology. As  the lightweight material  , there are a lot of competitors : Nike LUNARLON,PUMA,Li Ningyun.
Now the BOOST will be popular in recent years, LUNARLON is also will be attraction by Nike, and IGNITE has always been a style of  niche.
In this situation of sneakers development, Nike has finally released Nike Epic React Flyknit which a running shoe based on React technology.
REACT is Nike’s new shoes with new  technology introduced in 2017. Because it is also lightweight material

The Nike Epic React Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe provides crazy comfort that lasts as long as you can run. Its Nike React foam cushioning is responsive yet lightweight, durable yet soft. This attraction of opposites creates a sensation that not only enhances the feeling of moving forward, but makes running feel fun, too.

Nike Epic React Flyknit 1

Runners asked for one shoe that could do it all: offer more cushion from the impact of each stride, give them the energy return needed to stay fresh late in a run, feel light underfoot and also be able to withstand wear and tear of impact and elements run after run. Nike Epic React Flyknit 2

But compare with the BOOST tech ,which is the best ,let’s start a comparative test on two materials REACT and BOOST .

In order to avoid the impact of the shoe lining cloth on the test, we chose to drop the steel ball on the midsole on the side of the shoe.
Experiment settings:
1, The starting height of steel ball  is 50cm
2, In order to reduce chance, 10 times for each material, then take the average
3, The scale on the transparent tube is 5cm for each major cell.

Nike Epic React Flyknit 3 Nike Epic React Flyknit 4


Experimental results:
1. The average rebound height of the first ball in the REACT is about 15cm. The second rebound height is about 5cm.  The rebound force is basically lost after the three times
2, In the BOOST material, the ball rebound height is about 20cm for the first time, then about 10cm for the second time , then about 5cm for the third time, last is about  2.5cm height for the bounce.


Nike Epic React Flyknit 5

Second, squeeze steel ball experiment.

This experiment is very simple,just put the ball between two shoes under the same pressure to see who is more soft.
Experimental results:
Obviously, under the same pressure, the shape changes  by the BOOST material are large, indicating that BOOST is softer.
One thing needs to be explained: Since there is no rubber layer in the REACT midsole, the steel ball directly acts on the REACT, while the BOOST has a rubber outsole, and there is a layer of rubber between the steel ball and the BOOST. Nevertheless, the boost performance is still softer. Nike Epic React Flyknit 6 Nike Epic React Flyknit 7


From the above two experiments, it can be seen that BOOST leads the REACT greatly in terms of resilience or softness, but according to the data in the first experiment, we see that: BOOST rebound height is evenly diminishing, and 50- 20-10-5-2.5, except that the initial height is 1 to 0.4 compared to the first rebound height, and the rest is almost stable at 1 to 0.5. React’s rebound value is always maintained at 1 to 0.3. What does this mean? At first glance, it seems that BOOST has completely exploded REACT, but it is not. This shows that the limit feedback of boost is 1 to 0.5. As the pressure increases, it rebounds. The ratio will gradually decrease. That is, if you increase the starting height of the steel ball to 1 meter, the rebound on BOOST will not exceed 0.4 meters, the ratio will be less than 0.4, and  REACT ‘s first rebound height and start ratio of the height is 0.3, and the ratio of the second rebound height to the first rebound height is also close to 0.3, which shows that when the pressure is greater, the ratio does not significantly attenuate. Thus, we imagine that if the ball is given a higher at the beginning, the rebound of REACT and BOOST materials will become closer and closer, even by REACT. Of course, this is only an imaginary. Since the length of the transparent tube is only 50cm, it is impossible to measure each of these thresholds.
All in all, what conclusions?  BOOST is strong, REACT is stronger  as long as you give it enough pressure it may exceed BOOST.



Nike Epic React Flyknit 8

The one-piece Nike Flyknit bootie was precision-engineered for support, flexibility and breathability.

Nike Epic React Flyknit 6 1

After test, the size EUR 42.5  of shoes weigh only 219 grams, and the lightweight design is excellent. It is lighter than the  ub1.0 and nmd.

Nike Epic React Flyknit 9

For the supporting : There are support patches and tpu cups at the heel, but it is not too hard to provide basic protection and support. In addition, the entire heel extension protrudes nearly 1cm, making the heel thicker and heavier, theoretically enhancing stability.The designers extended the midsole beyond the perimeter of its upper around the heel to provide both the cushioning runners want and the stability they need.

Nike Epic React Flyknit 10 Nike Epic React Flyknit 11

For the traction ,it used the great rubber to protection in the forefoot a and the REACT material is great. the bounce is nice .we can feel more comfortable.Nike Epic React Flyknit 12 Nike Epic React Flyknit 12

There are more details as below : Nike Epic React Flyknit 13 Nike Epic React Flyknit 14 Nike Epic React Flyknit 20 This method allowed for engineering the surface of the midsole to deliver cushioning and support in the specific spots needed during a run, while eliminating material wherever it’s not absolutely necessary in order to keep weight to a minimum.  Nike Epic React Flyknit 23

For the material ,it is used the mesh with Nike Flyknit bootie (which takes cues from the Nike Flyknit Racer) that was precision-engineered for support, flexibility and breathability in the spots where runners need it.Nike Epic React Flyknit 24 Nike Epic React Flyknit 25 Nike Epic React Flyknit 26


After running, the deformity of the heel is more obvious and it brings a wonderful sense of road. This sense of road is more stable than BOOST. For me,  you will feel better than walking. BOOST will be harder, but if you put on it, you will feel that the softness is very close to BOOST, REACT will give you a  reliable force feedback when you running.


Nike Epic React Flyknit 27

As so far, I ran with REACT running shoes twice: once on a standard track and field  at a speed of 5 kilometers, and once on a regular asphalt road at the speed of 10 kilometers. ( there are luminous warnings at the heel of the shoes)Nike Epic React Flyknit 30

Through the 15 km different road test, I drew the above picture to describe my feeling what is the feedback:REACT cushioning and force feedback Strong,then the Boost is strong too.


Nike Epic React Flyknit 31 Nike Epic React Flyknit 32

Overall , When I got this pair of shoes, I was still a little disappointed. Because the shoes looked too simple, and there were no better then Jordan shoes.But it is nice after running .

The grip of this pair of shoes is nice. The Flyknit upper is quite elastic
Comfort and excellent,the outsole is essentially and nice ,the cushioning is nice too. The Nike Epic React Flyknit  is nice .Dont miss it .

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